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Since her teenage years, Geo ––born in Mexico City–– has felt particularly attracted to self-expression through dance and music. Having learnt the folk dances of Mexico and contemporary dance before leaving for England in 1979, she continued to train in contemporary dance in London. In this wonderful city, she discovered the Eastern arts: the classic dances of India ––Odissi and Bharatanatyam––, Balinese Gamelan orchestra recitals, Kabuki dance theater of Japan, Kathakali dance theater of southern India, etc


Soon after, in 1980, she was initiated by Guru Tara Rajkumar, founder of the Dance Academy of India in London, from whom she learnt Kathakali, the male theater dance, and Mohiniyattam, one of the classic Indian dances ––a beautiful form of dance of the women of Kerala. When her teacher left for Australia a few years later, she trained in Kathakali with other teachers, such as Sri Unnikrishnan and Kalamandalam Karuna Karan.

Smt Tara Rajkumar Interview Geo Legorreta's first teacher 1980 - 1984

Geo lived in England from 1979 to 1998, during which period she traveled on repeated occasions to Kerala in southern India in order to deepen her training in Mohiniyattam dance with Guru Nirmala Paniker (1989, 2000 and 2007)


to familiarize herself with the culture, and finally, to perform her Dance Debut or “Arangetram”


She also traveled to the island of Java in Indonesia (1994 to 1997), where she studied Javanese dance (Dharmasiswa Scholarship)


and Meditation in Motion with Master Suprapto Suryodharmo


with practices at temples, beaches and other natural environments.


During her long stay in the British Islands she also danced Kathakali and Moniniyattam

In London



southern India 

New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City––, and in New Dehli, with Patricia Torres, she performed experimental and Mexica dance


Besides continuing her dance training in southern India, Geo brought her Mexican culture to London, where she facilitated workshops and performed dances in educational and cultural spheres

Through the years she has learnt meditation, gotten married, studied classical guitar (LLCM) and taught music and dance. She participates in classical, folkloric and salsa music groups. In 1989 she formed the Shaktala group with her dance students (see Shaktala section).

She finally returned to Mexico in late 1998, after a long period of living abroad, although she visited her country of origin on several occasions offering performances in collaboration with such artists as Angélica Aragón, Antonio Vizcaíno and PatriciaTorres, as well as with the Kerala Dance Theater (L.A. California)

When Geo returned in 1998, she brought with her the Moniniyattam dance style to Mexico 

unknown until then in this country–– with the intention of launching her project in Mexico and transmit the beauty and spirituality of the millenary Indian dance.


She made herself known as a performer on various stages and at a variety of cultural venues, and also as a teacher with Mexican students. Thus she began her career as a dancer and teacher in Mexico. Appreciation of Mohiniyattam began to grow, and by the year 2000 she rebuilt her Shaktala group with Mexican dancers (see Shaktala section).

In 2004 she taught the Southern Indian Dance Diploma Course for young students at Centro Cultural Dragón de Jade in Cuernavaca, with a duration of 4 years 

1st and 2nd year of the diploma degree of the Southern Indian Dance Danzas del sur de la India, 2006

Folkloric Dance "Natu Padangal"

Choreography Geo Leorreta

Three years later, within the framework of the Mexico-India Festival in Cuernavaca, she invited Guru Nirmala Paniker and her student, who came from India to give lectures, performances and a master workshop 

During the last year, Geo has made an incursion in the exploration of contemporary dance in a staging by Marcos Ariel Rossi, titled “Desidice”, presented in March 2017 at Teatro Ocampo in Cuernavaca.

Such is the adventure in the course of which Geo has, for many years, danced and transmitted with great enthusiasm her work in the Mohiniyattam folk dance of Kerala and in creative dance in Mexico.


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